Monday, December 5, 2011

How good a Human Are you??...

How good a Human Are you??

Good Humans rely not on outdated technique to humiliate others.
Check out which category you belong..

Outdated lower grade techniques people generally use to humiliate others

1. To hide your bad qualities you manipulate the small mistakes of others

2.  You buy branded products with swindled funds and humiliate those who bargain in the market

3. To hide your blues you humiliate a beautiful green...

4. To hide your blunders you sting and chase those who question you

5. To hide your mistakes you sting and project the small errors of others

6. You socialize openly with all in society and when others do you call them flirts..

7.You always think this world belongs to you and those against you should not have any right to live in this world

8.You hire people to praise your wrongs and hire people to criticize and humiliate your opponents..

9.You praise those who have assisted you to do wrongs and silently conspire to finish off those who said it is wrong..

Are you a person who takes in hand the lowest technique to humiliate your opponents?. If you follow all the above then you are one and your score is below zero..

You should first understand your imperfections before stinging, criticizing or chasing others. But if you do all the wrongs thinking you got the rights to do because of might you may win but in ½ rates…below average levels, below ordinary scales.

It is up to each one of us to think which level we want to win..

Swindlers also get bails and bouquets in our country but to get bouquets with real merit got more value than the one purchased with money…


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