Saturday, September 26, 2009


What is greatness?. Is it associated with humans or is it a term related to the divine. It is true that great humans inspire. Above all the divine supreme extends a protective shield from storms to wildness and offers a hand which lifts from all pains. That supreme power gives inspiration and motivation . Well lit dawns , oceans and this universe inspire even an ordinary human being. When you open the news papers in mornings and see a ferocious man or woman say "I hate you ugly minds" through the front page captions, there you get no inspiration but a passive negative thought storm into your mind like a wild wave. Such ads take away the delicious flavour of your morning coffee or tea. Is it called 'creativity' when people dilute their blue and black ink through white sheets because they are privileged entities to do so?. Why do people go behind negative shades on creative spheres. It depends on how frustrated they are in their mind set up and that frustration they leads them to negative waves and those waves invade shores of beautiful oceans It is like an echo from a valley; call aloud ugly from a mountain top and your echo call you back "ugly". Inspiration arrives as a spark from a positive mind and of course not from diluted inks bottles of negative hues.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We all celebrated Onam away from home. It is a good sign that people even remember festivals of origin. I got a copy of Thulasidalam- Onam Special, there is nothing to read in that except a few creations by the editorial board. There is a great writer called Mundoor Krishnan Kutty, he wrote a story Moonnamathoral, a touching story one can remember for ever in life. Instead of publishing "Sairandree Mappu" by a duryodhan's brother it would have been better if Thulasidalam published Moonnamathoral... even as a repeat special in memory of a great wrtiter