Thursday, July 29, 2010


What is your major achievement in life? It depends on person to person to answer that question. You call someone a cat and think it as a great achievement and  I think how low your standard is. A few think differently and hack some one’s net work and install a sting lens and believe it as a great achievement. And one of the columnists who assumes she is the only writer in this world got  right to bitch wrote once about the achievement of a woman that she did a plastic surgery on her face spending Rs.3 lakhs ten years ago. What an achievement to be proud and be jealous of. Another columnist wrote about a woman that she got 500 friends and I am surprised not even one friend from this 500 advised her that accepting bribe is a crime.

It is true that achievement differs from person to person. No one can speak against this kind of group and for sure you will be haunted for life as they belong to a page like that of the Aerobics Dancer who gets epileptic fits if she does not attend a party of that kind. For her, achievement is that she should be there in one party of that kind on every alternate day. There are Newspapers on a regular basis publish their bloated faces to promote them. According to newspapers they are who and who’s of this society. They prosper through newspaper allotments. It is all hype and  society of a kind live and breath on that smoke. People are bored of seeing their faces again and again and that page has reduced so low that people will not even spare a glance at that page.

And there you ask a genuine question why News Papers publish their pictures day and night. They need to pay salaries to their employees; a revenue indeed. And when Gandhians involve in such kind of art shows how can we expect  better standards from Non Gandhians. May be to balance the scale they hire a few spirtual guides to advice readers when things go out of control. Let me tell you those guides are worth a read for the people who search for substance.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


People all over the world subscribe newspapers to get information. And it is a fashion for all the newspapers to hire a few silly and sick columnists who waste precious trees to publish their senseless, brainless sensations . Even a child of this generation knows how precious a tree for this earth and the importance of Copenhagen summits. I subscribe a news paper and to be honest the column filled supplement is utter waste and the stuff their so called columnists bake is worth not even to look at the the ugly caricatures. I wonder who edit all this tasteless stuff and serve liberally to the readers. At least the editors should think of Green Tress before wasting paper and spreading chemicals on them. In fact this generation is much accustomed to Internet and they don’t really require the supplemental nonsense from Newspapers. But when you are determined to serve them nonsense through newspapers, yes, there is a choice left with all readers to fold them and keep aside to give as bulk to those ones who collect waste papers-free. They stuff it along with empty used glass bottles and other rags they pick from street and hang on their sweat filled shoulders. To be frank, for two or three rupees you can expect only goatsucker columnists and semolina steam cakes. There are worthy columnists and dignified journalists but you can not hire them to write non sense. Real classy columnists budge not or oblige to sell themselves. And of course pages of your kind can only hire goatsuckers and semolina steams. And there you question the upbringing of the ones who question the credibility of the silly columnists. For them the people ignore their silly write up (they ignore them because they know the worth of the columnist/s) are of from good upbringings and the ones who criticize them (they criticize because they would have fed up with the nonsense they splash around) belong to lower upbringing.

Let me control my brains and not to react any further. I fold all those nonsense and give free to one rag picker and I am happy if he gets a meal of a day at the end with those wasted papers. To think like that you know I do not need a UN brain or need to be mean in my whole life. I hope you waste not a precious green tree for your fancies..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Someone had told me in clear cut language once that I should not speak about Gandhi. The very reason is that he belonged to a family of Gandhians. And the other one he claimed that he is Jesus in Bible on every Sunday to forget about Bible and Jesus on all other working days. And from heavens the only satellite of earth moon like played tennis in a court sponsored by the great Times. There this dignitary arrived as he did not have any work in specific and he formed a Recruitment Agency for Security Guard and Gandhian was the first to join and Jesus followed. There were several qued up to join his team to work as Security Guards. There this girl who loved Tagore and poems and dignitary decided to place a security guard near her door gate. Jesus placed his application first and he shared the post along with Gandhian and while on the Job dignitary tripped and fell and all the security guards pulled him up. Gandhian forgot to save the face of Gandhi and Jesus forgot Bible as they both had a fight like a world war with the girl who loved Tagore. The head of Security Agency did not show up first and when Gandhi and Jesus messed up the whole security guards and dignitary failed to control the entire security guards he closed down his security agency. But the security guards were used to their job of standing near the gates as watchmen continued their job with no promotion. Gandhian feels now why to think of Gandhi as he is no more to come and question him and the one reads Bible not worry any more of Jesus as he was crucified centuries ago.

Achievement and Scores

Gandhian - Failed in all the crucial assignments

Bible holder- Jesus failed to recognize him

Dignitary - On Silent Mode as no face to come out and speak

Security Guards - With no specific work and no score

Girl who loved Tagore - She still loves Tagore and keeps distance from Security Guards.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It is time for a review. Who scored more in a war of two different worlds? Santosh Hegde is back but people of India hope not for anything great to happen in political democracy. Ministers will resign and come back to do good for the society or to maintain certain portfolio or to remain in Parliament- (a prestigious issue) or to become rich, these questions bother not the public in general. To be a good human or to do good for the society you do not need to be in Politics or in Power. Politics and Power corrupts even dignified humans. Exceptions are there but in general power can cause more damage than good. I have read somewhere in one column that “you need to be good to get published”. I have heard that Chetan Bhagat struggled to get a publisher for his first book and if it is true I need to believe that ‘you need not be good to get published but to be a regular in pages’. Many books publish through pages in Indian got this special essence-nonsense. Anything can happen in India. You can sting, haunt, chase any one if you got power, you can spread propaganda against your rival. In genereal you can do any thing under the sun if you got power, . Power a powerful word and there is an organization for world peace. It is interesting to understand in depth that they safeguard peace or destroy. And who controls that world of peace –believe it is again Power. Nothing happens there without the consent of the (once) mighty United States. They decide where to have peace and where to have war and whom to dumb whom to isolate whom to destroy and World for them a playground to play their end number of mind games. Justice Santosh Hegde could cause a ripple but how long????? Power can purchase anything in random here and media openly entertains paid news bulletins and channels compete for more tariffs. Where do we stand? in a free India or a chained India. Incredible, we all can print and chant on Independence Day…

Friday, July 9, 2010


Infected, go and take treatment with medical care instead of hanging like a security guard near her computer network. Don’t you have any shame in following a lady like a shadow? In specific, she has lost respect for your class and if you want to cement that statement, continue with your so called hypocritical diplomacy. She has not placed any invitation for any damn journalists/columnist to sneak in to her life and if you opt for that do it with your wife/wives and daughters. That make sense and if you want you can invite a few on your night bed so that everything can be recorded and later you can have a drink and watch it with your loyal friends- shameless insects called humans. And protect all those painted ones. Shame on you once again for hiring the circus comics called journalist to paint your life damn that is gone beyond repair because of your own miscalculations. And it is going to be the same again. Your damn columnists drink others blood and the same way let them drink yours too. Pay  them all your savings to safeguard your not so famous portfolios. Yes you are infected with defeat, defeat of a kind that you never wanted in life. But you wanted that kind of defeat for others who challenge you. She knows that you are a specialist you use/misuse your power for that.  Your loyal media terrorists for sure assist you.. She does not think that a great acheivement. And what she writes is not for you or for any one. Only invitees need to read. And if you have decided to gate crash first think about your own standards and those hired ones. Don’t waste money on  hired ones fools; no one ever cried when a journalist/columnist/reporter died. Sum it in totals. You get minus values from them.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


You find a lot of difference in Arjuna and Ashwathama. Arjuna was the disciple of Dhrona and Ashwathama his Son. Both were good fighters. Arjuna was a straight fighter followed all rules whereas Ashwathama hid his face and attacked the innocent ones from behind in darkness while they were on sleep.  Even at the end of Kurukshetra war he sent his Brahmastra to kill the foetus  of Uttara and Lord Krishna saved her from the misery and taught him that arrows especially Brahmastra are not supposed to be aimed at the innocent ones. It is justified that Ashwathama was angry on Pandavas for killing his father and the situation in which that happened would have raged his anger. He could have fought a straight war instead of killing the innocent ones on their sleep from behind. And about the maturity of Arjun was such that he did not wage a war but only fought back when Kouravas followed the heinous method of finishing  Pandavas and denied of their  rights. Kouravas believed in power based war and Arjuna believed in a chariot Krishna had led for him.

There you find the difference between Arjuna and Ashwathama. Arrows should be used for good cause and not as a sting tool to finish of innocent ones or to silence and isolate your opponet.. Arrows used for a good cause will give you good result and when used to tarnish innocent ones for sure will come back to you..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sudha Kulkarni Murthy (born August 19, 1950 in Shiggaon, Karnataka, India) is an Indian social worker and author. She is known for her philanthropic work through the Infosys Foundation. Among other things, she has initiated a move to provide all government schools in Karnataka with computer and library facilities. She also teaches computer science and writes fiction. Dollar Sose (Dollar daughter-in-law), a book originally she wrote in Kannada and later translated to English as Dollar Bahu was adopted as a television serial in 2001

She did B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli. She stood first in Karnataka for which she received a gold medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. She also completed her M.Tech. in Computer Science in 1974 from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, stood first in her class and received a gold medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers.

She was also the first woman engineer to be selected in Telco (now Tata Motors), Pune. She had written a postcard to JRD Tata complaining of the gender bias in Tata Motors (Telco then had a men-only policy) and she was invited for a special interview by Tata Motors. (Please see external link Aapro JRD). She was living in Pune from 1974–1981, later she moved to Mumbai. It was her savings of Rs. 10,000 that was instrumental in the founding of Infosys; N.R. Narayana Murthy proudly mentions this fact on several occasions..

I don't know the moral codes of men who place sting lens to another human's personal life and the women who assist them in such missions.

In India men often get upset when women raise questions that are inconvenient to them. Fortunately this trend is disappearing slowly.

Sudha Murthy

Those who do service to soceity with pure heart will be honoured

There is no point in having millions of supporters as Durydhan's Akshouhani. Better to have one Krishna as a Charioteer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A K Antony the present Defence Minister is one among the rarest leaders who is recognised and respected by all political parties and the people in all walks of life

Born as the son of Arackaparambil Kurian Pillai and Aleyamma at Cherthala in Alappuzha he came to the public platform leading the student's movements in his school days.

Antony is the epitome of unpolluted politics. He has no fascination for titles, no haughtiness of power. He proved himself that he as no attraction towards the chair of power.

Antony ignores the disapproval of his colleagues to cooperate with anyone who agrees with his principles and policies even if they belong to another party or group.
It is intersting to point out that his wife a bank employee took a bank loan to build a house and never misused his office as a politician to accumulate wealth.. No wonder he is known as Mr.Clean.


Antony implemented a lot of prosperous plans for the development of the state. Clarity is the hall mark of every activity of Antony.

1. He marked the end of the misery of slum dwellers of Chenkalchoola in . Trivandrum providing them apartments thus improving their living qualities

2. His government gave sanctions to establish Kannur University,

3. Sanctioned money to commence the work of the new assembly complex. It was his government which gave land to establish A.K.G. Research Centre.

3. Antony government was the first to sanction festival allowance to employees.

4. The authority of recruiting to cooperative institutions was given to PSC by his government.

5. He formulated an action plan to entrust authorities for the development in coastal and hilly areas.

6. Antony, a true Gandhian, took a brave and bold step to prohibit alcohol to help to improve the living conditions of the families of the drunkards and improve the moral status of the state