Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Now you come and report me at this age that you have learned to respect others. To my surprise I want to ask you ‘all these years you did not know that”-strange. From this moment or from the buttered insincere captions have you learned to respect others. Let me tell you your real l friends several times showed me a world worth not to even remember and the final Sunday worth of your blue lakes and weeks run on 7 long days. I strongly feel that you should have learnt to respect others from childhood to understand honor is not a crown rich wear on their heads nor a garland media reward you for a price. Oh! now that you want to protect that sliced scissored, silicon artificial structure of sweat greed. The one who assisted you in blue ink missions to pull the dignity of others and that promise –respect to others; now you need to hold in Page numbers.. What class of respect is that? time based season or week based. When you say you respect others you should first understand the meaning of that word. You are a season of lies like a fish turns here and there like a coward only struggled in life to only to save and safeguard your face and did not mind how others struggled alone to safeguard their dignity. And that silicon page indeed assisted you to torment others and that page of shame you preserve as a keep or mistress for a while or lifelong.   (I need to come to your level to say that). That is the punishment you can take for the torment you have rewarded to others and for not respecting others dignity..

And my generation of friends will not even dream of the kind of ‘heredity’ you showed me. Through buttered captions you can only show your high end diplomacy but that does not carry any value in the long run and if you ask me whether I belong to your generation my answer would be NO. And your real real friends of pages will smile in the front yard and bitch in the back yard. May be, they must have assisted you to go down from one higly honourable flag post to one not so honourable page post to teach you how to respect others. A good lesson indeed if you have learned that from fundamentals.

(From Wise and Otherwise – Sudha Murty)

"Experience has taught me that honesty is not the mark of any particular class nor is it related to education or wealth. It cannot be taught at any university. In most people it springs naturally from the heart."

One bright June morning three years ago I was reading my newspaper as usual It was the day Secondary School Leaving Certificate results had been published. It caught my eyes that a poor boy secured eighth rank. The next day to my surprise his photograph was published again this time with an interview. He was from a poor family and belonged to a tribal group. He was unable to study further he said in the interview because he lived in a village and his father the sole bread winner earned only Rs.40 a day. I felt sorry and though most of us spend a lot for tuition reference books without considering the cost and he excelled in spite of being denied some of the basic necessities of life.

Without wasting a minute I took a post card and wrote to him that I was interested in meeting him in Bangalore and that I would pay for his travel and some clothes. He finally arrived and he informed he would like to pursue his studies in his hometown Bellary. I asked him how much money should I send you per month?

He said he would get back to me and later informed me that he would require Rs.300/- per month. I send him Rs.1800/- to cover his six months. He acknowledged my draft without delay and expressed his gratitude.

Time passed and one day I suddenly I remembered I had to pay the boy for the next six months so I sent him another draft for Rs.1800/-.

This too was duly acknowledged but I was surprised to find some currency notes in the envelope along with the cover. He had written “it is kind of you to have sent me money for the next six months. But I was not in Bellary for the last two months. One month our college was closed for holiday and during the next month there was a strike. So I stayed at home for those two months. My expenditure during the months was less than Rs.300/- that I have not used for the last two months. Kindly accept this amount.

I was taken aback. Such poverty and yet such honesty, the boy knew I expected no account of the money sent to him for his monthly expenses, yet he had made it a point to return the balance money. Unbelievable but true!

Experience has taught me that honesty is not the mark of any particular class nor is it related to education or wealth. It cannot be taught at any university. In most people it springs naturally from the heart.

I did not how to react to this simple village boy’s honesty. I just prayed God would continue to bestow the best on him.

(How true! when people cut crore deals and claim honesty I think of the real honest hearts)


You can talk about wisdom and advice the whole universe through speaking trees and capitalize on a regular basis. There is no need for you to follow any alphabet of that word. That is wisdom and  wise men follow that kind of wisdom. Install one sting to that lily mother and take a shower frame and allow world to watch or threaten frequently about the possible consequences and advice others to be wise. Free Advices are available in market with no price tag to burden your shoulders. And class oh yes I can come to your class and write from today a story of Page Three Sunaiana and how that one trounced three men in one shot. One in dump yard second in graveyard and the third straight on flat floor; before dumping the second to graveyard that one was capable of emptying his wealth in the most adventurous style and the story should be like that in Alchemist accuracy-authentic in structure and format with a dab of exaggeration. Writing a story is easy and we can give free copies to cop up with your class. How many stories have you framed on innocent ones and let me not give free advice - BE WISE. Do you have the right to pronounce that word when you generate stories exclusively for Indian Sub Continent, Australian Continent or even for MG Road according to your class on weekly basis? How wise your class let me advice not through speaking trees and capitalize. How often your class terrorized others to safeguard the honor of day light gentlemen who ravish women and their people in open daylight through various mediums and call them later names. Give advices to others even when you go low to settle scores and expect the same back henceforth for that reason you can maintain your class. Let us be wise in all aspects.

Monday, June 28, 2010

(ഒ എൻ വി)

നാവു പിഴുതെടുത്തുനീ
കിളികൾതൻ കൊക്കിൽ
കിനിയുന്നീലൊരു നറുമൊഴിപോലും

കവർന്നെടുത്തു നീ വസന്തത്തിൻ
മുഖശ്വസിതസൗഭഗം മുഴുവനും ഇതാ

പുഴയിലെ മീനിൻ കുലം കെടുത്തി നീ
പുഴയും നീയെറിഞ്ഞുടച്ച കണ്ണാടി
പ്പൊളികളായ് ചേറിക്കിടക്കുന്നു താഴെ
മനുഷ്യനൽപാല്പം മരിയ്ക്കുവാൻവേണ്ടും
മരുന്നുകൾ വിറ്റു ധനികനായ നീ
ഒടുക്കത്തെ മരുന്നൊരുക്കീ വയ്ക്കുന്നു

ശ്വസിയ്ക്കും വായുവിൽ
കുടിയ്ക്കും നീരിലും
മൃതിയുടെ ഇരക്കൊളുത്തുവയ്ക്കുന്നു
ഇരിയ്ക്കുന്ന കമ്പു സ്വയം മുറിയ്ക്കുന്നു

ഉണർന്നുകൺചിമ്മും ഒരു നഗരത്തെ
ശവക്കച്ച തീർത്തു പുതപ്പിച്ചെന്നേയ്ക്കു
മുറക്കിടുന്നു നീ

വരുന്ന നൂറ്റാണ്ടിൻ കതിർമുഖം കാണാൻ
പൊരുന്നിരിക്കുമീ കറുത്ത പക്ഷിയെ
നിഷാദ! നിർത്തുക

Sunday, June 27, 2010


1. One good friend is enough to live in this world than having thousands of casual friends who misguide and join hand to humiliate other human beings.

2. Inspiration should come from real sources not from artificial sources.

3. Who inspires you is more important; for me it is Tagore and I am jealous of him.  Film stars or Page three inspire me not nor am I jealous of them. They are superficial. It is true that Chetan Bhagat inspired a lot of Indians to read and write in English that is because he is a natural. I don't think Anita Nair Inspired any one in India to write a book. People say she has lowered herself from her betterman days.

4. It is good at times to get even with the ones who assume might is right.

5. Don't love any one to hate, sting and humiliate later.

6. I have got sympathy for those  who give a life span of trouble to other human beings and venture into only such missions.

7. Honesty wears no masks..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

(ഒ എൻ വി)
കൃഷ്ണനിൻ നിറം
കൃഷ്ണക്രാന്തി തൻ സ്നിഗ്ദശ്യാമം
നീവിടരുന്നു നീലാകാശമായലിയുന്നു
നീരദങ്ങളായ് വിടരുന്നു
നീ നൃത്തമാടീടുന്നു
നീരാഴിയായ് നീയപാരതയായ്
നീയെന്റെ തൂവൽത്തുമ്പിലൂറുന്നു

Saturday, June 19, 2010

(Prof. ചെറുകുന്നു പുരുഷോത്തമൻ)

കൃഷ്ണനെവിടെപണ്ടു വൃന്ദാവനം കണ്ട
സ്വപനമുടലാണ്ട മണിവർണ്ണനെവിടെ? അവർ
മേയ്ച്ചോരുപനിഷദ് പൈക്കളെവിടെ?
അവയ്ക്ക്ക്കോലുന്നപാലുണ്ടു മാനസം ഭക്തിതൻ
പാലാഴിയായ്ത്തീർന്ന ധന്യരെവിടെ? ഗോപ
പാലരെ, ദീനരെ, ക്രൂരപൗരോഹിത്യകോപം
ചൊരിഞ്ഞപേമാരിയിൽ മുങ്ങാതെ
മാമലഛത്രം പിടിച്ചുപരിപാലിച്ച കൈയെവിടെ?
എവിടെയാ പ്രേമമുരളീരവം?
നിർജ്ജീവമായൊരു കടമ്പിന്നുടമ്പിനും
വർണ്ണം പകർന്ന കുളിർചൈതന്യമിന്നെവിടെ
ഗോപികൾ സ്വകാര്യമായ് ഗൂഢമായ് കരുതിയോ
രുറികളെല്ലാം തകർത്തൂറിച്ചിരിച്ചുള്ളൊരുണ്ണിയെവിടെ
കാട്ടുചോലയിൽ നീന്തിയ
പെണ്ണുങ്ങൾ തൻ ചീർത്ത ദേഹാഭിമാനവും
ഗർവും പറപ്പിച്ച കാറ്റിന്റെ കളിയെവിടെ
ഏറും ജനദ്രോഹശക്തികൾ വിഷം തേച്ച
ചൂചകക്കൂമ്പായ് ശകടമായ് അനേകമൃതിദൂതരായ്
ദുർഭരണത്തിന്റെ കൂടങ്ങളായ് മുന്നിലെത്തെവേ
ഒട്ടും പതറാതെയേറ്റു തോല്പിച്ചോരു ശക്തിയെവിടെ
മനം നീറിപ്പുകഞ്ഞു കൈകൂപ്പി വിളിയ്ക്കുന്നു
ഭൂമിയസഹ്യമധർമ്മ ഭാരത്തിനാൽ

Friday, June 18, 2010


It seems that this world is made out of ink marks. It is a matter to believe that how a few borrowed ink drops can manipulate you as a hero or a loser. Life teaches that you can be wrong always but require only the whole diplomacy of the world to project through ink marks that you are a heroic incarnation. When I read a claim of a media house  that they don’t have the credential of some one. I wonder why not they install a sting lens to that some one whose credential is not known as it is their usual practise. Otherwise too the kind of cut deals one tries to grab is enough for ordinary public to understand what kind of credential that someone  worth of and the kind of wealth that some one  accumulated through such cut deals and connections and there we civilians do not even need any ink mark as proof.. But media always tarnish the  innocent ones and  connected ones get a safety pull cover. Recently my friend received one Chinese remark about true friends. A greedy friend can only gift shame and lifelong dishonor and their credentials worth not to even think of. But true friends will spread fragrance of chandan and even when offered do not accept any cut deals. They never volunteer or help in attacking other human beings. They will not misuse connections or hire media houses to humiliate other human beings. They will not do sale of their friends' life in concocted stories. They may not be popular through page numbers but are better human beings than the average like the aerobic manipulators. What for they live is that the mission in their life and the kind of group they hire show their credentials. A person with vision does not need to hire a group of people to safeguard his honor if he is true and correct 100% in his conscience. The fact is that it is difficult to fight against power at the same time if we do not raise our voice against injustice people who violate rules and regulations assume that they hold connections only to misuse and humiliate others. My friend says a group haunted her and even stopped several times and blocked her from even to write her thoughts in blogs and they sneaked into her life and settled with no fear for even to Almighty God. And to fight against them it is difficult as one should go down from earthen vision and it is difficult a task for earthen souls but friends who spread fragrance of chandan are the  strength of earth -purely earthen.