Friday, October 30, 2009


Charity begins at home not from sensations. No one knows the exact donations NGO's, Media houses and other group activists collect in the name of charity. They welcome disasters, an instrument used as a fund raiser. What do they do with the funds raised in the name of disasters. It is a fact there will be huge difference in the actual funds raised and the funds reached to the victims. What a great charity business; an easy way to pocket funds. May be you find a handful who do real charity and you know they will not speak it aloud. They are not like a widow in full enthusiasm to paint her pink drapes in front pages which normal human beings prefer not to display. They need to show case their charity as they earn wealth not in straight missions but by stealing stories of others and spreading gossips. Charity for such humans is business in conversion of dollars to cement the chair they sit on. A business man with millions in hand can donate lakhs that is equal to a man who donates Rs.50 from his daily wages of Rs.100. Indian Government is rich enough to take care of relief of any kind with the amount prime ministers relief fund receive Indians and those reside away. And what is there if someone celebrates a festival. You know, many laborers work day and night to make a living out of that festival. If people stop buying their festival fire crackers, flower pots or sparklers the workers who make it behind starve. Do charity for one and give starvation to another. Millions of people suffer and struggle in this world and you find no days to celebrate even one festival in your calendar if you follow such a rule. Life is not a sting machine to record your stories and circulate as the same way it may not be a dress rehearsal. A lump in your body can be removed and long ago it is known that a lump of blackness in mind can not be removed unless and until you decide otherwise. By spreading scandals through your so called friends is not charity but called stupidity. You may find a group of silly columnist to clap for you and those are the ones, people of India may not even wish to remember in their lives.

May be for elite, charity is a show piece which they display through weeklies and media head lines but for the people who do real charity will not announce it through irrelevant columns. Let the show of charity go on. That show piece will definitely fetch that columnist a pay cheque and that will probably end its journey to a beauty salon. Charity show or show down.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Acting is an art, look at Shainy Ahuja. He came out on bail with his faithful wife and look at that media; they covered that loyal couple. He will soon give you know one interview that I am married with a loving wife and lovely children. How sweet.

There is one more actor Saif. If his movies were of flops and if he was not a succes he would have also given interviews like you know I am married and I got a loving wife and two children. But success got into his head and he dumped his first wife had flings and of late found one hot number heroine. Media is determined to praise him because he is elite for them.
If an ordinary man does such an act the same media print a different story altogether.
Among actors, Sha Rukh of course is a gentleman; he maintained his dignity in terms of his marriage and children. He did not run behind heroines he acted with or scandalised their lives. Media today is biased and attack all. They praise one and tarnish the same the very next day. They don't have a basic character. They are behind money. It is that pay money to a reporter he will publish a story and criticise him he will finish you. People stopped believing media and that you know it can be termed as their failure.


From rear view mirror one can see a different world. The heavy accent of brightness not add any glory you know to a human if he keeps a paint bottle in his mind to malign others in association with the pre planned visionless trade sheets of a media house. Their graph is accurate according to them, what they do is right, rape, threat, sting, humiliation, self importance, self praise, anything related to good is theirs and they hide their heinous acts behind multiple masks. You know what all you want to add in your feather crown you can choose from above. Columnists in varieties from chetty playa street to Australian sledge market. What do they think of themselves?. No one even remembers them and the quality of their columns; which eventually end as paper covers in one low end grocery store. Their so called elite faces turn as grocery wrappers and finally decay beyond recognition. There you find no Gandhi or Asoka whom people remember even today. And you find in your group only a group of editors and reporters who make sure that their point is elevated in each column. There you find a master chip like ‘Music is like Sun’ and such extra ordinary hard supplements. People with real knowledge on music start wondering what really a burning planet got to do with music. It can be referred as a case of educated perpetual ignorance.

I have read the recent editorial of Thulaseedalam . It is about how to use words. I am totally surprised with the fact that the same editorial board published a story sairandree mappu with dialogues not even worth to be touched with the edge of a fork. A letter to the editor pin pointed the mistakes in that story. Forget about the mistakes; look at the language kute ka betta. Why does editorial board publish such sub standard stories. "Words should be musical and education should be used to empower wisdom" advices editorial board; pure form of hypocrisy. Contents of a book show the worth of a writer, by mere using derogatory language or extending media power available in hand, you will not reach any where but stand on the same ground may be you go a step further down.