Monday, December 28, 2009


 I see a lot of people compare themselves with celebrities. For them, they need footwear of another famous personality to stand and showcase. If I say I am like Amithab Batchan like or Amir Khan like person, I say I am boasting. One should learn to say I am like myself. I see some ladies say they are like Aiswarya Rai sort of women. Why they need other's mirror to show their reflections. My sister likes Steffi Graff. If she boasts she is like Steffi Graf sort of woman I laugh at her and tell, you should be like yourself and come up in your own merit and not through thousands of masks. That is faith in oneself and God. Humiliating others is not faith, if some one believes that there is an entity available to humiliate and that is called faith of a lifetime. It is something like ridiculous faith. God stands above all faiths and beliefs. Time is rolled by God. God distinguishes each breath of living beings. And there is no need to hold a mirror of someone else to project yourself as great. If some one does that it is their foolishness. Next time when you say I am like that celebrity laugh at yourself. You need to be yourself first. That adds value in a human beings.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


That woman is sick, she writes filth.... this is what my friend told me about a sixty and something woman writer. Sixty years of life not added any value to her womanhood. She peeps in to the bed room stories of others, spreads gossips apart from washing the feets of her publishers. It is a fact that this woman got hot girls and to find their parenthood one should go behind a DNA test. Such woman.. a shame for the entire women fraternity. I have not heard anyone saying a good word about her in my life. Sick........ that is the only word one can add to her filthy lines which stinks from word to word. Instead of writing filth about others she should go behind her own productions and find out how many black patches they inherited from her as genes. It is not a surprise that a few managing directors and page three news papers hire her and swallow her filth; it is more of a bed relation than that of anything related to literary value. And for the publishers who tag on her use her liberally as she is available freely to spread gossips.. of course in turn they publish her not so worthy accumulations. Let her wash feets of her superiors... she is for sure sell anything from her five hot items to her own character. It is better to tear her pages and make manure for thorn plants. Earth will endure and blend her leftovers as manure for the benefit of womanhood. .

Monday, December 21, 2009


Who is Mahathma Gandhi. A great simple man. His simplicity was from within. From outer to inner he was simple. When he really wanted to be simple he turned simple and he meant it in each breath of his life. We find these days a lot of modern Gandhis. They claim they are humble and they lead a Gandhian Life. Their simplicity lies in stings, chase, rape, humiliation and many such crimes and they cover it all in power. How can a man rapes a women claim to be simple or humble. How can a man who involve in all crimes claim he  is honourable. Gandhi in real never needed to hire porn writers or media houses or a weak weekily chief editor(who  knows only to write about the likes of Rakhi Sawant in his special editorials)  to revive India. Gandhi transformed and freed India in the most dignified and disciplined way. That is simplicity. Wearing a simple cloth or eating simple food will not make you a Gandhi. In India, almost three fourth of the people live a life like that because of poverty.  They are all not Gandhis.  Narayan Murthy in his three piece suit is more simple than the modern media gandhis who sell stories of others to writers and accumulate money and political gandhis who the moment  join politics shed their expensive suist, transform into a Khadi outfit and tri colour drape. They can only wear Gandhian Outfits but when they want to live a life they prefer a seven star comfort. We see a lot of such Gandhis all around. Such Gandhis ruined India from her very origin. Next time when you claim you are as simple as Gandhi think twice. Considering the merits and demerits you don't even have a chance to stand near the shadow of Gandhi. .

Sunday, December 20, 2009


What makes a man to prefix gentle before his name?. For sure not the number of mistresses he adds in his life. Not for sure with the number of women he rapes, chases or flirts with. For some reason at some point of time a few women would have looked upon a man for his genuine quality and if he thinks he can flirt or rape them lowers his status and the same women would throw him back wards and move forward. And women with integrity even regret for placing them on pedestal if they find that the human they looked upon is the same placed a sting lens to their rest rooms and watched secretly through the peephole of their doors. A man put himself down if he believes his honor lies in the number of mistresses he added in his life or he thinks he can flirt with any women in his vicinity. Dignified men will not peep through the rest rooms or bed rooms of women. If a man ventures into such an act and any one supports such actions they turn into wild animals. Honor of a man lies not in the number of crimes he conducted but how dignified he lived a life. It is a surprise to listen men who claim they flirt with any women who throw upon them straight in front of their hopelessly faithful miscalculations. World of course is a picturesque playground for such Gentle????men....