Monday, November 30, 2009


Writers in this world are in competition to project themselves as icons. It is understandable that why a woman in sixty inject botulinum toxin on her skeleton face; not sure for charity. In addition to that drapewear half piece cloth on their body to look more vulgar. Such are the ones bitch about all other women folks through columns. Only one work they do bitch..... Sonam described such a woman openly, who cares for a sixty and something porn writer like her. And in one overpopulated country like India one among them produced not one but 5 hot item numbers from multiple partners. It is understandable why those women wash the feet of superiors and media. There are widows who does not have any inhibition to display their pink undergarment in full public view will support this particular skeleton who can only write about Rakhi Sawant and Paris Hilton. What is her credibility only to bitch other women, young actors. I appreciate Sonam for her courage. God only save the thick skin of the publishers who bear that class less brand. She reminds me of a circus animal with toxins all over her body. There may be women like her but there are people with class too. They will not fall on the feet of a superior nor do they think to be courteous with rapist or a man who peeps through the rest rooms of women. And for sure women with integrity will not fall for the trapeze traps of noble pretenders.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It is a fashion for a certain group of media to speak and print about terrorism. 26/11 is the only news available for them to capitalize. They gave fame to one illiterate, ignorant Pakistani, Ajmal Kasab who in turn regret for the crime he had committed. He is same like the internet criminals they hack and sting on human lives from behind cause panic and humiliation to general public. Both do crime in different modes, but their operational style is same, silent attacks from behind the well covered stage. Both sting but compared to the well planned missions of internet stingers Kasab was ignorant of what he was doing. Many youngsters like Kasab were brainwashed by fanatics to enter in such crimes. But Internet stingers know what they do and since they are associated with media it is easy for them to escape as they themselves operate as a mafia. That may be the reason they go behind Kasab, both belong to one genre, the same genetic material. There is no difference; one is crude the other conceal its crudeness on masks. A pattern of behaviour they adopted as lifestyle and it is difficult for them to change or progress. Laws are for them to violate and they rely on powerholds as escape routs; otherwise you would have found hackers and stingers behind bars of a cell like Ajmal Kasab.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


What is Human Right? Is there any relevance to such term in today's world? The one who speaks about or the one who sit on a chair holds a noble concept belong to a superficial sphere. Do they understand the real meaning of human rights? Each and every one in this society has a right, right to lead a normal life and it is not human to peep and slice the private life of other humans. If you go and see their own life you see how they treat humans in their own homes. They sip tea which their servants bring to their bed side and eat lavishly own dining tables where you see again people at their service and in their free time they go for page three parties where they declare themselves as elites. A column by human right activist made me think what this lady knows about human rights. Let her go and stay in a slum and do some physical service instead sitting and giving lectures which is easy and need no physical strain. There is a famous woman writer, a poet, nominated for nobel and great short story writer in her story wrote with pain that her husband used to sleep around with other women. Was she a keep or a prostitute as she remained in her married life and according to this human right activist she may be one? There are several women in this world facing end number of problems and one human right activist can not solve their problems by writing senseless columns. Forget about the columnist, the donkey brains who publish such articles as fillers to humiliate human rights. These human right activists spread universal love in black ink which spreads over their heart as clots. First you remove that log of wood from your eyes. Then you realize how small the tiny black marks you screen through the lens of others. Before speaking about human rights you should practice it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Time can not move eternally, it is a faceless unit, measured for convenience. When it is in the hands of worthy people it turns precious but when it is handed over to senseless widows it transforms as a low end sting unit which pierce through hearts and minds endlessly. Such widows in pink u- garments sell their integrity to their western customers over a cup of flavorless tea. Such human beings sell their own country for a price, spreads gossips, capitalize on others miseries, sell other human beings stories and make a fortune. No shame for them as they assume they are right as they got already a platform to display their pink u garments or dirty shoes. And civilization, one should learn from such groups who sting, rape and chase others in crude missions. For them moon is a mistress of night and they don't mind getting it back a verse "that sun goes behind mistresses as his wife is sick". And it is true that Lucifer affected minds can turn a normal human into a psycho and it is difficult for normal humans to come out of the traps of a Lucifer. It is always advisable for normal human beings to avoid the black spots of Lucifer and the roads Lucifer prefers to travel. Civilization is not a measure of time to victimize on scales. If you want to learn civilization and wisdom t you don't need a time measure or a wheel, you can learn it from your own life and people around.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Mr. Shashi Tharoor lost his campaign in United Nations to Bank Ki Moon, the present Secretary General.

Bank Ki -Moon born on 13 June 1944 is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. Before becoming Secretary-General, Ban was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations. He entered diplomatic service the year he graduated from college, accepting his first post in New Delhi, India. In the foreign ministry he established a reputation for modesty and competence.

The US vetoed an Indian holy cow out from the honorable post of UN Secretary General even when Mr. Tharoor was the desirable candidate for many member nations of UN. After that unholy experience Mr. Tharoor demoted himself to join Indian Politics where he had to beg votes from holy cows of India. He joined politics of course to serve India. But from his top diplomatic status, he opted for a field where dignified Indians twice think to step in. That is the reason Infosys Mentor Narayan Murthy formed Infosys to serve India in a way that Indian politicians learn from him if they really want to serve India. Naryan Murthy showed how holy cows of India can contribute to the nation. Mr. Murthy's vision to India is different that of the politicians. You don't need to be a minister or power crazy Hitler to contribute to the betterment of society. Shashi Tharoor will soon realise that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


People of India should learn a lot from Infosys Mentor Narayan Murthy. He changed the face Indian IT sector and show cased it to the world. And of course he used his management skills in the most respectful manner. He used his time wisely and he belonged to an honest class who think of India's progress. What he speaks and writes is class.

That brand is different from the brand less ones who struggle to fill a column with a pen and writes about Rakhi Sawant to make a living. Rakhi Sawant like any other foul mouthed Sagittarian keep a bow and poisoned arrows and it is pity you know if you go towards such arrows to fill pages. Like a bandicoot a chief editor comes out from his den to front page to fill such brands and hides to sting again. Such are the ones promote porn writes and sixty something brands. It is a pity that they should tag on to foul mouth Sagittarians like Rakhi Sawant to make a living. Sixty is of course brand and any kind of management training will not raise them from their existing low standards. You know you can not straighten a dog's tail like the sixty and something classless writers.

Education is not a Management Degree but to hold standards. Once you learn that you follow the paths of Narayan Murthy, not behind poisoned arrows. And for sure you don't waste your time wheel to amass wealth on low end stings. To learn that you need to born into a class. Not necessary to be part of one elite or film group.