Sunday, October 17, 2010



When we open newspapers we see  Suresh Kalmadi or Sundana Pushkar; king and queen of corruption. As for them they have made enough money in millions and can lead now a life in luxury. Real achievers of India struggle in life fighting against corrupt system and lobbies and classes. They don’t get publicity like Suresh Kalmadi or Sunada Pushkar. It has become a trend in this country that do corruption and you become famous. They live a happy and luxurious life with the money looted in corrupt manner and walk in front of public as if that is the smartest way to live. And after involving in corruption they do write columns in leading newspapers to inspire…. whom?????? we people of India wonder!!!!!.

There are two classes of people in India. One section of achievers comes up in life with their real value and merit. People like Mother Theresa, ONV, Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy. The second group comes up with corruption and publicity stunts like Suresh Kalamadi and Sunanda Pushkar and a few people are on a mission to crown this kind of infamous group. We people of this country do not have any problem if they want to crown them in their private homes and even they can invite them to their respective houses and award them that crown or keep their pictures in pooja rooms and worship or ask their children to get inspiration from these corrupt ones. We are totally sick of seeing Suresh Kalmadi and Sunanda Pushkar in newspapers. It is true that people of this country do not have any voice. Let us see how long they do publicity stunts and promotional campaigns.

Monday, October 11, 2010



Every one has to accept (????) what???. Every one has to accept what Board dictates.. Rulers of this country dictate and we people  listen. What a beautiful Democratic concept.. The Board of Control of Cricket in India or the Board for Control of Comic Shows in India?. Enough… ….we people of India are bored of this democratic circuses. They want now to terminate two teams from IPL. Why two? Terminate that concept like the same way they have terminated the designer of that concept. Cricket no longer interests people or its designers. A few may go and watch Leagues as time pass cookies. People of this country are intelligent enough to understand democratic circuses and they know  who play behind in the backstage.

Historically no political party brings in shame to our country but those who join there to rule  donate shame to the party and our nation. People of this country elect a few and they trade among themselves in millions to be in chairs of power. If Gandhi was alive he would have initiated a non-violence non co operation movement against Democracy/Biased-purchasable (honest they accept)  Media Houses of this country but in the present scenario it is difficult even for a Gandhi to survive. Specialists of Democracy and Media Houses will for sure finish him in seconds.

Yes! Every one has to accept them???? BCCI? for conducting comic biased shows in front of public. LQns are pure number ones for a few Media Houses and now they encourage we people of India to think - Lalit Modi a gentleman.. Let all controversial people go in number one spots. Assassinate Gandhi and go and beg votes from public during elections for chair and power. Every one will accept (or ignore) all comic shows because they are numb now to democratic comedy circuses of rulers of this nation.

Saturday, October 9, 2010



In Parliament of religions he stood to speak not to die in silence. He spoke and a world listened in silence and his speech we carry in our hearts and if any one ridicules speech we tell them to listen to that fearless saint Swami Vivekananda. He stands not for us in a parliament of politics to take care of this world’s greed but stands for us in Saffron to speak what India is to the outer world and to tell you that stay not in a well like a frog.

And if any one tries to say silence is gold we tell them about a great saint Swamy Vivekananda who gifted us words more precious than artificial silence. 

It is true that we get inspiration from Vivekananda to speak out in Parliament of Justice against a group of wrecks and not to go in for silence in fear. He inspires us in every corner of our life and encourages us to live with the hope that there exists a race called humans like him in this world.
It is to be noted that one Speech of Swamy Vivekananda in Parliament of Relgions, Chicago turned out  to be that of a  historical one  and people all over the world remember that speech than his meditation of years..


Friday, October 8, 2010



Meera (name changed) loved poetry and joined an exclusive site for poetry. She never thought or dreamt that she placed her footsteps in a wrong world of wild at first. In the beginning she believed it real but later found it as the most manipulative world of masks and cranks who used that site as a platform to play wild games at the cost of others. People who wrote there had high end connections to the world media. Meera befriended one poet and believed him genuine and even handed over her personal address, cell number when asked in return of one poetic magazine.

Meera realized later that people wrote there hit hard on others with harsh poems and you will not believe the kind of torture they create through poems. She retaliated and had a big fight as she thought poetry should not be used to create terror or war. Unfortunately the person she had given her cell number installed a sting lens to her life misusing his official powers and sneaked it to media.

Here take note never give your private cell number/email id to any media group even while you seek for publicity through them. They sting you without your knowledge. They slice your life through and through, they capture your private moments, your fights with dear and near ones, your conversations and each moment of you can be tracked and there you find classless writers (come up in life with publicity stunts and when you read them you realize how frivolous their creations are) can chop your life with their pen and capitalize on your life. And they may even chop our friends and relatives under their knife. And to do all this they need only our email ids which they can hack in  seconds.  We must know that a writer with Class needs no sting lens as he is creative enough to write in his own ability and a gentleman he ventures not in  any classless act.

And think always that media can sting you anytime as they got the sophisticated technology to do so and be careful when you deal with media otherwise they take control of your life and humiliate you without even your knowledge. It is true that they can give you a lot of deserved and undeserved publicity but take caution as they watch you when you are in action. In Meera’s case she is under their spell sting as she does know how to get rid of it as power can purchase any one in this country and only she can explain the matter to her friends and create awareness in women all around in this world.

It is a fact that Meera has come to know that she was stung by someone whom she thought would never do such a heinous act. Keep it in mind that the person who appears to be the most trust worthy can harm us. Think how many Meeras they would have stung in the past???? May be you are one such Meera, Take utmost caution when you deal with such networks. They damn care about us as we are not their sisters or immediate relative. They treat people who will not misuse their power or connections as classless/voiceless. And if anyone voice against them they wage a war to make sure that the voice raised against them will be ultimately silenced.. Women of this world should come forward to fight against this kind of crimes as we will not get justice from Goddess of Justice as it is in blindfold.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Strange but it is true. We need to praise a lot of people (undeserved) around us to survive or to exist and if we voice against that normal strategy of life we face a fate like that we experience only in celluloid.

For example if we don’t praise an LQn (in truth no worth in that product to praise) we get for sure a Sarah Teasdale’s designer poem from a poetic newsletter. In truth that is one of their outdated low styles  to call names to their rivals or sledge in a manipulative way. They have taken royalty for this unique technique and when we use the same technique to make them understand what they do we see how aggressive they turn. For them their rivals are useless creations and their own useless creations are best in their tiny world.
Laugh…. that is all we can do at them when they repeat this same modus operandi on and on in regular intervals.

Again if we write few lines in praise for some one really great we receive from the house of Gandhians two beautiful Shoes to teach us non violence and ahimsa .(Non Violence and Ahimsa this Gandhian has learned from his house of Gandhians). Take note here our National Newspaper is no better to keep up the standard of peace makers in collecting shoes from the street as front page display piece. Don’t be surprised by this actions as this is all against a few good words in praise for a Jnanpith Winner. And for sure we will see a lot of funny blogs from the house of creative buffoons next to our blogs not with any good motives but to tell us exactly what their real class is.

Further if we don’t praise an LQn wait there for  after effects in chemical red. Red alert . A kind of attack mode that we need to run for cover from chemically injected rose flowers which can cause nausea and even migraines.

So what do we do for to survive or exist in this wild world…. praise the undeserved …No… that is not natural, not earthen. Earth does not go behind gold plated ornaments or gold when diamond shines in its heart..... Be quiet.. shshsh. We see again red all over on front covers tomorrow or a few  manipulative creative blocks. .. Go ahead… Wisdom from earth is not to survive or to exist but to live life in unique style.

Friday, October 1, 2010



G. Sankara Kurup, ( Malayalam: ജി.ശങ്കരകുറുപ്പ്, born June 3, 1901, Nayathode, Kerala, India died on February 2, 1978, Vappalassery,Angamaly,Ernakulam, Kerala), better known as Mahakavi G (The Great Poet G), was the first winner of the Jnanpith Award, India's highest literary award. He won the prize in 1965 for his collection of poems in Malayalam Odakkuzhal (The bamboo flute, 1950). With part of the prize money he established the literary award Odakkuzhal in 1968. He was also the recipient of the Soviet Land Nehru Award, in 1967, and the Padma Bhushan in 1968.

After completing his education, Kurup worked as the Malayalam teacher in a secondary school in Thiruvillwamala in 1921. Later he became a teacher in the Government Secondary Teacher Training Institute near Trichur. He worked as the Malayalam Pandit in Maharaja's College, Ernakulam, and retired as Professor of Malayalam from the College in 1956.

Kurup published his first poem, called Salutation to Nature in 1918, while still a student. Apart from 25 collections of poetry, Kurup also wrote verse dramas and collections of literary essays -- in all about 40 works in Malayalam. He also translated the Rubáiyát (1932) of Omar Khayyám, the Sanskrit poem Meghaduta (1944) of Kalidas, and the collection of poems Gitanjali (1959) of Rabindranath Tagore into Malayalam. Indeed, one often speaks of the influence of Tagore and Gandhi on the humanism and nationalism of Kurup. Interestingly, he has also been described as a “bard of science” who explores the role of science in achieving the human potential.

He also penned the lyrics for P.J.Cherian’s Nirmala, (1948), the first Malayalam film to incorporate music and songs.

Kurup also led an active public life as a member (1968-72) of Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian parliament.

[edit] Works


• Suryakaanthi (Sunflower) (1933)

• Nimisham (The Moment) (1945)

• Odakkuzhal (Flute) (1950)

• Padhikante Paattu (The Traveler's Song) (1955)

• Visvadarsanam (The Sight of the Universe) (1960)

• Moonnaruviyum Oru Puzhayum (Three Streams and a River) (1963)

• Jeevana Sangeetham (The Music of Life) (1964)

• Sahithya Kauthukam (The Sweetness of Literature), in 3 Volumes (1968)


• Gadhyopahaaram (Honouring with Prose) (1947)

• Mutthum Chippiyum (Pearl and Oyster) (1958)

• Ormayute Olangalil (In the Waves of Memory) (1978)