Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have come to know about a poetry web site which promotes not poetry but rape, murder, sting, chase and many such wonderful honorable elite activities. Any one wants to join admission is free. Make sure join there,  make sure not to join with  your real name. Wear a mask or many that help you when in trouble. You can change your names according to situations like Lucifer the Great or Satan or Is it Poetry, that is optional. You find no poets there but only shadows. This great site promotes things you have not seen or experienced in your life; great chasers, manipulators, hunting dogs and maniacs, all in one colorful package. Don't except any thing real there. They can be your friends today and tomorrow they rape you or install a sting lens to your home. They can sell your stories to writers and capitalise your life. Never question them they finish you. They can purchase anything in this world; Porn writers to Ministers, what more. Mayavati is of course a better politician than a widow who allows men to peep the rest rooms of other women folks. This widow thinks men can rape in open. I don't know what this one promotes; poetry, rape, sting  literature or curses. If people do not know the value of the chair they honour they better quit and go. World is a haven for honorable criminals. What is happening in Australia. Indians are attacked in full view of the world. Is any country come forward to criticize the attack. Is it called civilization?. In India itself you see a lot of such honorable criminals who think it is their birthright to involve in crimes and get away with it. What if Australia too thinks in that manner? Forget about poetry, who reads it after all. It is for  sure (not?) written for a cause. And any one can create a website to promote or demote poetry. Entry is free and you are powerful enough to do liberally honorable crimes. It is easy for you to get out of it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like to read Tagore. As he said in one story, one should be intoxicated in life with something. It is true, reading him is a pleasure, he got this preferential class. People of India should read him more and more to understand the depth of his writings.

It should be mentioned here that I sympathise media who projects and gives publicity to bad and ugly writers like sixty and above classless writers who write  substandard columns for their survival. One Editor with pride in his voice announced through his editorial that he got a weakness for bad news and it is understandable that he gives special columns to this particular porn writer who writes about people of her level- Rakhi Sawant, ND Tiwari and other such silly human beings. This woman can write only about them and this editor got a weakness for her oh no! for her bad and ugly writings.

Media should come forward to enlighten readers and they should do justice to their readers. When you publish silly, frivolous ugly and biased columns there always you receive ugly remarks back straight on your face. What you give, you get it back. Accept it with grace. That is greatness.

What if Arundathi Roy has written one book? She could reach to the top of the World with one book  and that is million times better than writing life long substandard columns and substandard books.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


India's former President KR Narayanan was born in a hut in Ottapalam.. He was a humble human being and an able President. Don't ask me what his class was. Was he elite or middle class or lower class?. He behaved like an elite. . Money or power will not give class to a human. One should behave in that manner. Parents must train their children to identify class. A group in this society assumes they inherit power because their family transfers it to their children. It is like how bollywood rewards added fame to celebrity star kids. People should learn to come up in life with their own efforts not standing on parent’s inherited fame. Such group assumes they are elite and they can dominate any one. They are the ones go extreme to humiliate others with their inherited power. They are like Manu Sharma. This lady stays close to my house, she claims she is elite because she attends all page three parties and mingles with such crowd. I see she taking her dog to urinate in streets.. It should be noted that she trains etiquette for society. Dhirubhai Ambani was born in a lower middle class family. When he made wealth the same group awarded him a tag- Elite. Media frames such a picture for ordinary humans and divide society according to their will and wish. And let me tell you, do not try to humiliate anyone calling lower, middle or elite, when you involve in classles crimes.. And do not threaten your victims that you repeat the same crime hiStory. Such behaviour lifts you not to any class..

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am happy that I have got a few handful of good friends. When I say good I mean it because just for the sake of honesty they don't encourage crimes. They will not support rape, murder, chase, sting or any kind of misdeeds of humans or in otherwords my friends are better human beings. They will not support someone in power even when he tries to cover his crimes and tries to humiliate his rivals with the most heinous actions.

My friends know what the meaning of honour is. They believe their honour is as important and same as another human's honour. My friends are dignified humans not the ones who collect support from others to subside a crime.India is a democratic country and people in power liberally misuse their power to dominate the show and there is a  group of honest criminals like widows who killed their husbands to be with their paramours and habitual porn writers. It is time that some one should come forward to write about their daughter's breast measurements and sexual escapades in colours of their own and make them understand how dignified people live in this world and for them there is no need to engage in crimes like rape, chase or sting to safeguard their honour. But these porn of sixty writer will not stop her trade for sure and it is difficult to make her understand or tell her you woman you are sick, you write filth. People can choose to dump her in garbage bins like the same way she inclines to write filth. Of course, she is honest to support rape, murder, chase and she is loyal and honest to criminals. To entangle with such a character definitely one should step down  so low to her level. 

In a demacratic country I have got  right to to safe guard my self respect but I know I don't have any rights to do criminal offences and if any group think they got the right to support crime I  call them criminals. 
Thank good God! I don't have such group as my honest friends.....